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What’s Involved in Pool Heater Maintenance Sessions

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

Your swimming pool heater helps you maintain pleasant temperatures in the water, no matter what the weather is like outside. Here in Las Vegas, plumber services can often handle problems with pool heaters, as well as providing routine maintenance sessions to keep them up and running. Such sessions are actually very important, because they prevent any nasty surprises from rearing their ugly heads. No one wants to wake up for their morning swim only have to deal with a faulty heater that’s left the water as cold as the North Atlantic. You should schedule regular maintenance sessions to ensure that your pool is always just how you like it. But what’s involved in pool heater maintenance sessions? A brief outline can be found below.

The first function of a maintenance session is to clean off any dirt or grime that has built up on the internal component: a significant concern here in the desert. The technician will clean any dirty components, make sure vents and lines are clear of debris, and change any filters that have become dirty.

From there, the technician will inspect and run the timer to make sure it’s function as it should, as well as examining any electrical components to make sure all of the connections are tight and function. A voltmeter will be used to check the transformer, as well as any circuitry directly connected to the heating mechanism itself.

Finally, the technician will run the heater for a specific length of time to make sure it’s running as it should. He’ll usually set it using the timer to ensure that there are no problems on that front. While the heater runs, the technician will inspect various system valves and similar components for any damage or problems.

In the event a large problem makes itself clear, you can then schedule a repair session at your convenience, without having to worry about getting it done immediately. He experts at Butter Plumbing can explain to you what’s involved in pool heater maintenance, then perform the operation with professionalism and care. Plumbing service from us are just a phone call away. Contact our Las Vegas, NV plumbers today to set up an appointment.

Pool Heater Maintenance and Repair Needs

Monday, February 17th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

For living in Las Vegas, a pool is the perfect luxury to take the edge off the dry daytime desert heat and give your own backyard the aura of a resort hotel.  But there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the pleasures of a pool during the evening, or during the cooler months. That’s why having a pool heater is so important for getting the most from your investment in a backyard pool: whether evening parties or a private swim before bedtime, your pool will always be ready for you with the right heater working for you.

But just as your pool needs cleaning and attention, so does the heater. You should have regular maintenance scheduled to take care of the pool heater, and when problems crop up that need repair, call for professionals right away. Butter Plumbing can help with this and any plumbing repair in Las Vegas, NV that you need.

Your pool heater needs maintenance and repairs

Pool heaters come in a variety of types similar to furnaces and boilers: natural gas, propane, and electric. We hope you had professional installation to match the heater with your pool, or one of the first difficulties you’ll encounter is a pool heater that can’t warm up the water to the level you want.

Pool heaters are susceptible to similar breakdowns as the corresponding furnace or boiler: clogged gas lines, dirty burners, broken heating elements, failed electrical ignition, other electrical issues. Maintenance is necessary for these parts to keep them clean, and to swap out any aging components before they become repair needs. Pool heaters develop debris in a way different from other heating systems because of the sort of detritus that falls into a pool. Maintenance will help clear away these problems and keep the filter and intake clean. Too much debris will lead to clogs which cause low water flow, inferior heating, and the heater shutting off early and not coming back on.

Keep in mind that when a pool heater starts to show signs of trouble, it can become a safety hazard if you try to inspect or troubleshoot the problem on your own. Always contact pool heater professionals when you need repairs.

Sign up for maintenance today

You should have maintenance for your pool heater at least once a year, usually in the spring before the pool starts getting the most use. This maintenance is a more complex task than a simple pool cleaning, since it involves HVAC and plumbing systems. Call Butter Plumbing to start a maintenance program for your pool heater, and contact us 24/7 for any plumbing repair in Las Vegas, NV that you need.

The Original Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Friday, February 14th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

It’s hard to imagine Valentine’s Day without the traditional greeting cards, whether accompanying a gift of flowers and candy, or sent between children in a school room. For commercial greeting card companies, February 14th is as important to them as the December holidays, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Day as a celebration of romantic love predates printed greeting cards by a few centuries. In fact, the reason that sending romantic greeting cards became popular was because of the most un-romantic thing you can imagine: a reduction in postage rates.

In 1765, Parliament authorized the creation of “Penny Posts” that used a uniform rate of one old penny per letter throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Printers took advantage of the ease with which people could send letters to each other on Valentine’s Day by crafting cards with love poems on them. Many of these verses were collected in 1797 in the book The Young Man’s Valentine Writer, which was a resource for the lover with a romantic soul but not the most confident poetry style.

By the mid-19th-century, the Valentine’s Day greeting card was flourishing across England. Although people still followed a tradition of creating handmade Valentine’s Day cards from lace, ribbons, and flowers, commercially produced cards now overtook them. In 1835, the English post office mailed 60,000 valentines. As production expenses dropped, the English card manufacturers branched out creatively with humorous and sometimes vulgar cards… many of which we would find startlingly familiar in the 21st century. One of the common jokes on these cards was to design them to look like marriage certificates or court summons.

Across the Atlantic, the United States was slower to embrace the popular British custom. It wasn’t until 1847 that a U.S. printer mass-produced greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. Only two years later, American journalists noted how rapidly people in the country had embraced the tradition, turning into a fad that has never died down. The woman who printed the first U.S. Valentine’s Day card, Esther Howland, is today recognized by the Greeting Card Association with the annual “Esther Howland Award for a Greeting Card Visionary.”

The greeting card industry certainly has reason to thank Ms. Howland. Her idea of going into business printing romantic greeting cards, which came to her after she received a traditional English valentine when she was 19 years old, now sells 190 million cards in the U.S. every year. That number doesn’t include the smaller exchange cards used in elementary school classrooms, which would swell the number to 1 billion. (Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards each year? Teachers!)

Whether you send out Valentine’s Day cards—handmade, store-bought, digital—or not, we at Butter Plumbing hope you have a happy February 14th.

Reasons to Get a Sump Pump

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

In a place as dry as Las Vegas, it might seem odd to some homeowners to install a sump pump in the basement or a crawlspace. Sump pumps remove water build-up and remove it out into a drainage system, and most people think of them as ways to save a home from heavy flooding, but otherwise not a very useful addition to a home.

But having a sump pump installed in a Las Vegas home is often an excellent idea, as we’ll explain in this post. If you’re interested in a sump pump for your house, look to the experts who’ve delivered professional plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV for more than 15 years: Butter Plumbing.

3 reasons to get a sump pump

  1. Your property has a high water table: Although people often associate sump pumps with prevention of flooding during rains—something that’s rarely an issue for homeowners in Las Vegas—that isn’t their prime function. A sump pump serves to keep a basement or crawlspace dry to protect it from the damage of water build-up. It the water table of your property is high, water will gradually leak into your basement and cause damage from humidity to your home’s foundations as well as to anything stored there. If you have noticed moisture on the walls of your basement at time when it hasn’t been raining, you probably have a high water table and should invest in a sump pump.
  2. Prevent mold and mildew: Excess moisture, even if it isn’t causing direct damage to your basement, is a serious problem because it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are unpleasant and ugly to look at; but worse is that they pose both structural dangers and health hazards. Mildew quickly rots away at wood, and an increase in microbacteria will lower the quality of your air and in particular afflict people with allergies. A sump pump removes the source of mildew growth.
  3. Add value to your home: A sump pump raises the value of property because it shows to potential buyers that the home is structurally sound and safe from mildew infestations.

Butter Plumbing offers professional sump pump installation that makes sure your pump works it most efficiently. Our experts will take care of the minor excavation necessary to create the sump (shallow pit) that will gather the excess water for the pump to remove it. We also install sump pumps with battery back-up in case of a power outage. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right sump pump for your needs, or for any other service for your plumbing in Las Vegas, NV.