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Signs that You Should Consider Installing a Water Treatment System in Your Building

Monday, March 30th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Commercial plumbing installation can be a pretty big deal, considering its size and scope compared to residential plumbing. For that reason, it can sometimes be difficult to justify adding or altering your building’s plumbing unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Well, in some cases it is absolutely necessary. Hard water treatment is one of those cases. Read on for the signs that you should consider installing a water treatment system in your building.

Calcium Deposits

The biggest plumbing problem for many residential and commercial properties is that of hard water. Hard water is water with a very high mineral content, which it deposits on the surfaces that it flows over. Over time, those mineral deposits build up to become a pretty serious problem. One way to know for certain that you have a hard water problem is by examining the faucets in your building. If there is a white, crusty substance around the head of the faucet, you have calcium deposits. Calcium deposits build up around the head of the faucet as hard water flows out of it. If you have deposits around your faucet, then there’s a pretty good chance that you have them elsewhere in your system, which brings us to our next sign.

Decreased Water Pressure

The biggest problem with hard water is the effect it has on plumbing pipes. As the mineral deposits from the water start to build on the inner walls of the pipes, they will eventually start to restrict the flow of water. This will lead to decreased water pressure when you turn on a faucet in your building. If the deposits are not cleaned out in time, they can eventually block the flow of water completely. These deposits are known as “lime scale,” and can cause quite a bit of damage to your plumbing system.

The best way to combat hard water in your building is to install a water treatment system. This is a device that connects to the water line running into your building, and filters all the extra minerals out of the water flowing through it. This will both improve the quality of the water in your building, and protect your plumbing system from problems caused by hard water.

If you think you may need a water treatment system, call Butter Plumbing. We provide commercial plumbing installation throughout Clark County.

When Should You Consider Water Treatment Installation?

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Not a lot of people think about the quality of the water flowing into their homes, unless something obviously wrong like discoloration occurs. Though most cities treat the water before sending it into your home, there are a few things that they don’t address. These issues are not necessarily dangerous to you, but they can be dangerous to your home. The biggest problem you likely have to deal with regarding water quality is hard water.

Let’s take a look at when you should consider water treatment installation.

The Effects of Hard Water

Hard water is the name for water with a higher than normal mineral content. As hard water flows through the pipes in your home, it leaves small deposits of these minerals on the walls of the pipes. Over time, these mineral deposits can build until they restrict or completely block the flow of water through the pipes. Mineral deposits that have reached this stage are known as “lime scale.” Lime scale is a big problem in areas with hard water issues, and can cause all sorts of plumbing problems. Often, a pipe with advanced lime scale needs to be cleaned out by a professional plumber. If the condition is too advanced, however, the entire pipe may need to be replaced.

Symptoms of Hard Water Exposure

So, how can you tell if your home has a hard water problem? One of the easiest ways is to look for calcium deposits. These are white, chalky substances that collect on shower heads and sink faucets, as well as the walls of your shower. If you notice lots of calcium deposits in these areas, there is a good chance that you have a hard water problem.

Water Treatment

If you do have a hard water problem, you’re going to want to install a water treatment system to deal with it. A water treatment system is just an extra filter that’s installed in your home’s main water line. All water flowing into your home will be filtered through this treatment system, protecting your plumbing from lime scale and calcium deposits.

If you’d like to know more, call Butter Plumbing. We provide water treatment installation services throughout Paradise.

Signs That You Need Commercial Plumbing Repair

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

There are must-haves to make your office habitable, and one of these is access to clean cold and hot water. But not all commercial plumbing problems are clearly evident; in fact, many issues happen behind walls and ceilings, so it can be very late when you finally notice that you have an issue with your commercial plumbing in Clark.

To help you decipher some signs that can indicate problems, the experts at Butter Plumbing have put together a list of things to be aware of concerning your business’s plumbing:

Water Pressure

When a leak or other problem develops with your commercial plumbing, it isn’t unusual for the water pressure to diminish. Your pipes need to maintain a certain amount of pressure inside to push the water forward into your faucets; as such, when the water pressure is low, this usually indicates that a problem has developed with the system.


Any time you see the water in your commercial space turn any kind of color, it’s time to call for repair. A brownish color typically indicates that rust has gotten into your water, which can be evidence that there is corrosion inside your piping.


The most obvious problem that can develop with any plumbing system is a leak, but you may not see the leak right away. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on things and look for problem such as puddles, wet spots on walls and ceilings, dripping or even mold and mildew development. A small leak can cause a great deal of water damage, so it’s important to be aware of the small signs of a leak.

Always Call a Professional

Many business owners can be quite handy, but having potable water in your commercial space is a requirement; leaving your commercial plumbing needs in Clark to someone inexpert could put you at risk. The experts at Butter Plumbing are available 24/7, so if you are experiencing plumbing issues in your business space, call us today!

Problems Associated with Sewer Repair

Monday, March 9th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

No one wants to be told that they need sewer repairs. Of all the plumbing problems that you could have, sewer repairs are by far the smelliest, messiest, and generally most unpleasant.

Though they can definitely be a nightmare to deal with, however, sewer repairs are a far better option than simply ignoring the problem. Let’s take a closer look at sewer repairs, what causes them, how you can identify them, and what can happen if you don’t schedule them.


Backflow is when a sudden change in pressure causes your plumbing to suck some sewer water into itself. The water then travels back up your drain, resulting in a very unpleasant surprise. If you suddenly find yourself standing in sewer water while taking a shower, it’s because of backflow. This has been a known problem for decades, and most homes are outfitted with backflow prevention devices by the city. If you are experiencing backflow, you either have a malfunction somewhere in the system or you don’t have a prevention device at all. There are obviously a number of sanitary concerns with having sewage pumped into your house, so it’s a good idea to have a plumber examine your system as soon as possible if you encounter this.

Bad Smells

The plumbing system in your home isn’t just for transporting water. You also have pipes in your home specifically for venting sewer gases out of the home. All sorts of parts in your plumbing system are specifically designed to keep bad smells from coming up through your drains, including the U-bend you’ve probably noticed underneath your sinks. However, a malfunction in that system can lead to sewer gas seeping out of your drains and into the room. If your kitchen or bathroom suddenly smells awful for no apparent reason, see if it seems to be stronger closer to the drain. If so, it’s probably the sign of a problem with your sewer vent. Call a plumber to have a look at your system.

If you suspect that you might need sewer repairs, call Butter Plumbing. We provide sewer repair services throughout the Aliante area.