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3 Ways to Spot a Qualified Plumber

Monday, October 26th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Here in Las Vegas, NV, a certain amount of razzle-dazzle comes with the territory. That shouldn’t extend to your plumbing service, however. When it comes to problems with your pipes or faucets, you want a qualified professional who’s going to do the job quickly and effectively. But how can you tell the real plumbing pros from a fly-by-night outfit? That can be tough, especially here in the Internet Age where it’s easy to put on a good show with nothing underneath. There are some subtle signs that can separate the wheat from the chaff, however, and point you to a plumber who can handle whatever you need. Here are 3 reliable ways to spot a qualified plumber. (more…)

3 Signs You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair

Monday, October 19th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Your tankless water heater makes a good fit for many Las Vegas, NV homes. It handles periods when you’re away better than traditional tank models do – a good fit or a vacation home – and it can warm your water instantly without fear of running out. It also saves a great deal of energy in the process, translating to lower monthly bills for your household. But like any other system, tankless water heaters run into trouble from time to time, and when they do, you need expert help to make it better. The better you can spot the signs, the more readily you can summon assistance. (more…)

Never Attempt to Fix Plumbing Problems Yourself

Monday, October 12th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re accustomed to completing certain tasks yourself rather than calling in a professional. Sometimes, that can extend to clogs and other common problems with your plumbing. There are a host of store-bought options to handle such issues, but unfortunately, very few of them actually do the job. Instead of adopting half measures, you should call in a professional whenever your plumbing runs into problems. Why? The answers can be found below. (more…)

What Is Backflow Prevention?

Monday, October 5th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

You may have heard the term “backflow prevention” before, but not been able to understand what it means. It’s a valve, seal or similar measure used to keep non-potable water from backing up into your home system. After all, plumbing pipes don’t have a set flow pattern, and just as water flows out of your system and into the Las Vegas, NV civic system, so too can water from the civic system flow back into your home. Such water would be tainted with human waste, trash, bacteria and similar contaminants, posing as significant health risk to your family. A backflow prevention device can help stop that from happening. What is backflow prevention? Read on for the answers. (more…)