Butter Plumbing Blog : Archive for January, 2017

Why Are Frozen Pipes a Problem?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017 by Butter Plumbing

We don’t normally think about frozen pipes here in North Las Vegas, NV, and certainly daytime temperatures never enter the danger zone. But our winter nights can be remarkably cold, and frozen pipes become a viable threat when the thermometer drops below freezing. Why are they a problem, what causes them, and how can you act to prevent them? We’ve included a few ideas to help you out and hopefully save you a lot of expense and bother in the process. (more…)

How to Respond to Plumbing Leaks

Monday, January 16th, 2017 by Butter Plumbing

Plumbing leaks can affect any system, no matter how well maintained. Wear and tear, and the fact that most parts of the plumbing system are hidden from view, means that leaks can spring up at almost any time. They can present quite a dilemma when you first detect them, and the sight of water spreading across your bathroom floor often results in panic. Not to worry. If you know the steps to follow, you can curtail the damage, and Green Valley, NV has a plumbing service ready to fix the problem the right way. Before that can happen, however, you need to take several common-sense steps to stop the water from flowing. (more…)

Trust Us for Emergency Plumbing Services

Monday, January 9th, 2017 by Butter Plumbing

When trouble arises in your plumbing system, it rarely does so at a point when you can just drop everything and deal with it. Unfortunately, that’s just what you have to do in most cases, and plumbing problems don’t respect the hour of day or day of the week when they decide to make their presence known. You need a plumbing service that can respond quickly whenever you need them to, including the ability to arrive anytime, day or night, to deal with the problem.

We’re proud to offer 24/7 emergency services to all of our clients throughout the Paradise, NV area,  so if a plumbing issue arises after-hours, you shouldn’t hesitate to call. But what constitutes a plumbing emergency? Ultimately, only the homeowner can make that determination, but we have a few friendly tips that can help you come to that decision more easily. (more…)

Signs of a Slab Leak

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 by Butter Plumbing

In some ways, slab leaks don’t differ from any other types of leaks. Pipes can suffer from wear and corrosion, and when they do, leaks spring up. Any plumber in the Las Vegas, NV area should be able to repair a leak without a problem. Slab leaks, however, constitute a unique challenge, not so much in fixing the leak, but in reaching the location of the leak in the first place. (more…)