4 Important Facts about Slab Leaks

Posted by Butter Plumbing

Slab leaks have a really bad reputation, and for good reason. They are known for causing extensive and costly damage. Even the smallest cracks in the water pipes beneath or within your concrete slab foundation can create serious issues, and often the first sign that you have a problem is increased water bills. It’s important to remember that concrete does not stop leaks, and foundation destruction is a huge risk of slab leaks. What else should you know? We’ve shared 4 important facts below.

Pipes Run Through Foundation

Installing main plumbing lines within the foundation of your home is the most efficient and least expensive way to network water through the home. This is why homes are built this way. You can expect that a 1,700 square-foot home typically runs with 280 linear feet of plumbing pipe.

They Leave Clues

Have you noticed floor cracks, wet spots, or areas in or around your home that seem unusually cool or warm? These are all signs of a slab leak. Another sign is the sound of constantly running water. As mentioned above, increased water bills are often the first sign of a leak, so pay attention if your monthly costs suddenly go up.

They Can Be Professionally Detected

Modern technology allows us to diagnose the cause of and repair slab leaks with minimal disruption to your home. An important part of slab leak repair is determining what caused the leak to begin with, and resolving that issue.

They Can Be Prevented

Your plumbing system is one of the most durable parts of your home, but this can vary substantially with the quality of installation and the materials used. If your home is over 15 years old, then you may need pipe replacement, which can reduce the chance of a slab leak occurring again.

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