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Butter Plumbing Valentines – You’ll Love Our Service

Monday, February 9th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

As we approach February 14th, thoughts of love are in the air. The celebration of Valentine’s Day has been changed over the centuries. Early mentions of Valentine’s Day describe various acts of love. During medieval times, knights would give young maidens roses as a token of their affection. By the mid 1800’s, elaborate cards and gifts were being exchanged by lovebirds. At this time, the tradition of giving chocolate in heart shaped boxes began. the chocolate was sweet and the box could be reused to store love letters or mementos.  As we progressed into more recent history, people started to get a little more creative with their gifts, but the tradition of giving heart shaped boxes of chocolates survives to this day!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day as well as in the tradition of giving chocolate, Butter Plumbing is taking the opportunity to show our appreciation to our customers with our own heart shaped boxes! We are going to give out chocolate to all our client calls in the Las Vegas area community this week. What better way is there to say “Thank You!” to our clients than with chocolate?  Contact us for a service call and we hope you fall in love with our service!  However you choose to celebrate, everyone here at Butter Plumbing hopes you have a pleasant and lovely Valentine’s Day!

Butter Plumbing Valentines Chocolate

Butter Plumbing is taking the opportunity to show our appreciation to our customers with boxes of chocolate!