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Check Your Water Heater for Problems

Monday, March 6th, 2017 by Butter Plumbing


Winters are harsher in Las Vegas, NV than most people realize. Though much warmer in comparison to winter back east, we still get our share of freezing temperatures, and with our dry climate, we experience lots of wear and tear over all parts of our home. This can apply to plumbing systems too, especially appliances like the water heater. (more…)

Lupercalia: The Origin of St. Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Many people may think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday essentially created by card and gift companies, but the truth is that the holiday has long-standing roots going back to the Roman Empire. The name “Lupercalia” has its origins in the word “lupus”, which means wolf, and the reason for this is that according to Roman pagan religion, the she-wolf Lupa nursed the two orphaned infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

The Festival

The Festival of Lupercalia spanned two days each February, from February 13th to 15th. The festival was about fertility and was led by Luperci priests, known as “brothers of the wolf”. The festival was serious with intention (fertility) but was executed as quite a romp for both the priests and citizens of Rome. The process was this: two male goats and a dog were sacrificed at the beginning of the festival by the priests; two young Luperci were then anointed with the blood from the animals, and the hides of the animals were cut into straps. As food and drink flowed, the male priests would run around the city wearing nothing but thongs made from the animal skins, and they also carried a strap from one of the sacrificed animals. The strap was used to strike the palms of Roman women waiting for the priests in the city, as it was believed that being hit with the strap could help with infertility issues and a safe, healthy labor for women who were pregnant.

The Transition to St. Valentine’s Day

The Christian influence of the holiday came around the 5th century. The Roman Empire was still strong, but Christianity was rapidly taking hold throughout the world. It is believed that to try and remove the paganism from the holiday, the deaths of two men, supposedly both named Valentine, were added into the mix. During the 3rd and 4th centuries, a law created by Claudius II forbade young men eligible for military service to marry, because Rome wanted a strong army. The two men named Valentine were priests, and married young couples in secret. Both were found out and executed on February 14th, although in separate years. The Church made Valentine a saint (they chose one), and Lupercalia became St. Valentine’s Day.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day!


How Is Professional Leak Detection Done and When Do I Need It?

Friday, December 5th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

If you’ve ever been affected by a leak in the plumbing system of your home, whether it was small or large, you probably know what an inconvenience it can be. Even a small amount of water pooling beneath the sink can leave you waiting for a repair person, worried that it will turn into a much larger issue. Unfortunately, not all plumbing leaks are so easily detectable, and you could have a leak of which you are entirely unaware—if you don’t pay attention to the signs and call on plumbers for leak detection.

Professional leak detection is a service in which a trained professional with the right tools and expertise checks your drain pipes, sewer, and water lines to look for any inconsistencies that may indicate a major leak. The technician may use any number of tools for detection. Advanced listening devices allow a plumber to hear the location that water stops flowing, while thin fiber optic video cameras allow them to visually detect the leak. In either case, technicians must determine the exact location of the leak to help you decide if you need repairs.

So how can you tell whether you need professional leak detection? Well, keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual with your plumbing. Low water pressure is often indicative of a water line leak, as water cannot reach your faucets and fixtures at the proper pressure. Wet or dark spots on the walls or ceiling can point to a leak behind the structure of the home, while wet spots in the yard or particularly green and long areas of grass can mean a water or sewer leak underneath your property.

In general, if you’re wondering whether you need professional leak detection services—you probably do! Don’t risk damage to your property, strain on your plumbing equipment, a flood, or sewage moving into your yard or through drains and risking your family’s health. You can schedule leak detection as part of annual heating maintenance, so that every component of your plumbing system—from the drains to the faucets and fixtures to your water heater and any water treatment system—is thoroughly inspected, and cleaned and/or adjusted as needed.

Call Butter plumbing to schedule professional leak detection service in Las Vegas today.

A Few Ways to Prevent Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Friday, November 7th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

The kitchen sink is central to your daily life, providing a reliable water source for cooking, cleaning, washing up, and hydrating. So when parts of your kitchen won’t work as they should, it can ruin a family meal or even a simple task like rinsing off a dish. Follow a few simple tips on how to properly care for your kitchen plumbing equipment and protect your plumbing in today’s post.

Water Softener:

A water softener is a piece of equipment intended for use in homes with hard water. Hard water is a problem in which a high level of minerals in the water leaves behind a white residue around the drains or causes water spots and soap scum to appear after a load of dishes. What’s worse is that these minerals can severely damage the pipes, building up until you don’t notice any water pressure at all. In many cases, entire segments of pipe need replacement due to mineral buildup. A water softener, installed at a point-of-entry in your water supply, removes these minerals to protect your kitchen sink and dishwasher from unwanted scale buildup.

Garbage Disposals:

One of the easiest ways to prevent kitchen plumbing repair is with something you most likely already have installed in your kitchen sink: a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals make your work in the kitchen go by quickly, as you can drop food items directly into the sink. Since it breaks apart food into small pieces, the garbage disposal also helps to protect your pipes from any potential clogs. But if you don’t use the garbage disposal responsibly, you may end up creating an obstruction for the pipes or the disposal unit and damaging the motor. Always break up food into small pieces before putting it into the drain, run cool water, and avoid non-food items, meat bones, and tough or fibrous foods like celery.

Plumbing Maintenance:

Finally, most experts recommend scheduling plumbing maintenance every year in order to prevent kitchen plumbing repair or any type of plumbing repair that may inconvenience your daily life. Technicians will check the kitchen sink, drains, water heater and even the dishwasher pipes, as well as the components of your bathroom plumbing for any leaks, clogs, or malfunctioning equipment.

Whether you need plumbing maintenance, repairs, or a new installation like a garbage disposal, always choose experienced plumbers for the job. Call Butter Plumbing to talk to a quality plumber in Las Vegas today!

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