Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

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Bathroom renovations can be exciting projects, and spring is a great time to plan and schedule them. With the right technicians on your side, you can turn a drab, plain bathroom into something exciting. Having said that, it can be very easy to let the aesthetics overwhelm practicality, or worse: to let poor planning run roughshod over your budget and schedule. The right team will consult with you extensively before work begins and ensure that plans are made carefully not only to give you the bathroom you want at the price you anticipate, but to ensure that beauty and practicality remain in perfect balance. Every bathroom is different and so every bathroom renovation project is unique. In general terms, however, there are some specific things to consider when making your plans.

1.    Prioritize

With projects of this nature, homeowners tend to have a wish list of all the things they’d like to see in their new space. Rare is the project that can accommodate all of them, however, and with every option, there’s always some give and take. Adding a second sink usually means less counter space, for example, and a more accessible toilet may mean sacrificing that walk-in shower. That comes on top of budget considerations, which constrain the project to a certain set amount. Making a list of all the features and changes you want to see, then ranking that list in order of importance, makes it much easier to decide which things you really need from your renovation and which things can be set aside.

2.    Practicality Rules

The central limiting factor of any bathroom renovation (besides the budget) is space. You can’t fit more fixtures in the bathroom than you have room for, and once the initial bloom of excitement fades, your new space will need to serve your practical needs. We start and end our days in the bathroom, making it arguably the most important part of your home. That means it should account for things like counter space to hold your toiletries, racks for towels and washcloths, a toilet that doesn’t force you to bump your knees every time you use it and so on. It also means accounting for the unseen: pipes and similar pieces of plumbing required for the bathroom’s various fixtures to work. These should be paramount in your mind when planning for renovations. Aesthetics should work around them instead of forcing them to conform to a specific look.

3.    Numbers Matter

Small bathrooms are usually set up to handle just one or two occupants at all times. Larger households, however, may have many more family members clamoring to use the bathroom. Depending upon the needs of your home – and the specifics of the bathroom being renovated – you may need to put things like an extra sink or a larger shower at the forefront in order to accommodate those needs.

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