Drain Services Require a Professional Plumber

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drain-repairProblems with the drains constitute one of the most common plumbing calls we need to make. Most of the time, it’s a stubborn clog which backs up the outlet and prevents it from being used until it’s fixed. Sometimes, it can be a leak in the pipe or something even more serious. Because drain problems are quite common, most homeowners prefer to deal with them themselves: either with a store-bought solution to a clog or some quick DIY repairs on the drain line. In almost every case, this is a terrible mistake. A trained plumber, with proper licensing and experience in the field, can handle drain services the right way and potentially save you from a world of trouble.

1)    A Personalized Solution

Store-bought remedies such as cleansers and snakes are intended to address a wide variety of possible drain clogs. That means that usually only partially fix the problem: opening up enough room for wastewater to drain, but leaving chunks of the original clog intact. That means the clog will often re-form, forcing you to use the store-bought solution over and over. Similarly, a leak could be the result of specific damage, or long-term corrosion which will affect a huge length of pipe. You might be able to solder up the leak itself, but have no idea if another one will spring up again a short distance down the pipe.

A professional plumber, however, can ascertain the precise cause of your clog or leak and apply the tool that best fits the job That way, the clog is corrected the right way the first time. The same holds true for leaks or breaches. The plumber can ascertain the extent of the damage as well as the cause and adopt a solution that fixes the whole problem, not just the immediate symptom.

2) The Right Equipment

Store-bought plumbing equipment is designed to be easy to use and work in a number of different situations. Again, this falls under the same problems listed above. Such equipment can be utilized for half-measures that don’t really address the issue, but simply do enough to solve the immediate problem and kick the underlying causes down the road. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, have equipment to deal with almost every problem: equipment that might be prohibitively expensive for a home that won’t need it more than a handful of times at the most, but which plumbers have need of every day. Again, that means a professional plumber can fix the issue in a long-lasting way and prevent you from having to address the same issue over and over again.

3) Insurance

If you attempt plumbing repairs yourself and the worst occurs, you’re on the hook for any further damage that was incurred. That can add up to quite a bit, depending on the nature of the problem. A reputable plumber is insured and bonded, however — protecting you as much as them — and most reputable businesses will offer up-front costs before work begins, so you never get any nasty surprises.

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