Restaurants Need Grease Trap Service

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grease-trap-serviceLas Vegas is a tourist economy, and that means that many businesses in the area are restaurants or similar food service preparation industries. In most cases, the plumbing system in such businesses requires grease traps to fully function. They’re reasonably simple in concept, but can be tricky to install and require periodic cleaning and servicing to do their jobs. A good plumbing service can take care of the issue for you and keep you focused on more pressing aspects of keeping your commercial enterprise running.

What Are Grease Traps?

A grease trap is essentially just a large tank used to separating fats, oils and grease (called FOG in the plumbing business) from the remainder of your drain water. FOG is problematic to normal drains because it often gets poured down the drain in hot liquid form, only to cool and solidify inside the pipes. That can make for a sticky clog that’s very tough to remove.

It’s bad enough in residences (where homeowners should pour FOG into an empty can or similar receptacle, wait for it to cool, and then throw it in the trash instead of pouring it down the drain.) In restaurants, however, it can be absolutely devastating. A busy kitchen rarely has time to separate the grease from hundreds or even thousands of plates and dining utensils before washing them, and without a grease trap, the chances of a serious clog go up exponentially. In many cases, it can completely shut your kitchen down, costing you untold amounts of money until the problem is fixed. That’s why grease traps are required in most food service businesses.

The trap itself is essentially just a large tank where wastewater collects before moving on to the Las Vegas sewer system. FOG flushed down the drain will float to the top of the tank, while food particles and other solid waste will sink to the bottom. That leaves the middle full of “safe” wastewater, which can then exit the grease trap and move into the sewer.

It’s an elegant system that can save your business a great deal of heartache. But it needs to be installed properly, and be large enough to accommodate the demand of your business. It may need to be upgrades or replaced in the event your business grows past the capacity of the original. And it should always be clean out by a trained professional once a month to ensure that the FOG and other forms of waste don’t fill it up and render it useless.

The right plumbers can accomplish all of these things, and more: setting up a regular schedule to clean your grease trap and being on call whenever you need them to correct any problems that could cause your business distress. That lets you focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business and keeps the grease trap in your plumbing functioning exactly as you need it to.

For quality grease trap installation, replacement and servicing in Las Vegas, NV call on the pros at Butter Plumbing today!

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