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Drain Services Require a Professional Plumber

Monday, October 30th, 2017 by Butter Plumbing

drain-repairProblems with the drains constitute one of the most common plumbing calls we need to make. Most of the time, it’s a stubborn clog which backs up the outlet and prevents it from being used until it’s fixed. Sometimes, it can be a leak in the pipe or something even more serious. Because drain problems are quite common, most homeowners prefer to deal with them themselves: either with a store-bought solution to a clog or some quick DIY repairs on the drain line. In almost every case, this is a terrible mistake. A trained plumber, with proper licensing and experience in the field, can handle drain services the right way and potentially save you from a world of trouble. (more…)

Signs You Need Drain Repair Services

Monday, February 9th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Your drains deal with some pretty stubborn types of products, from food waste to soap scum.

All indoor plumbing is made to be durable, but these kinds of materials, and others, can stick to the inside of your pipes and create a build-up that can affect the performance of your plumbing. None of us can see what’s happening inside our drains, so we have to rely on signs and signals from our plumbing that it may be time for drain repair in Summerlin. What are some of these signs? Let’s take a look:


Many people take a gurgling sound as a natural part of the waste water flowing down the drain, but it isn’t. What a gurgling sound indicates is that there is enough build-up in your drain that it has created air pockets; the gurgling sound you hear is created when the flowing wastewater releases some of the trapped air.


No one really wants to think about their drain becoming smelly, but it unfortunately does happen. The odors tend to emanate from food waste, particularly those that can be classified as FOG – fats, oil or grease. A more uncommon cause of smell, but one that does occur, is sewer or septic back-up. This can happen if your sewer or septic line has developed a leak or backflow issue. Smells coming from your drains should always be taken seriously and be inspected by a trained expert.

Multiple Clogs/Recurring Clogs

Many times, your home will have several drains empty into one plumbing line. If you find that multiple drains in your home are all clogging at the same time, there is a likely chance that the main line into which these clogs empty has a clog. These kinds of clogs tend to be deep in the system, so it’s important to have an expert handle the issue. Similar to this problem is the problem of having a recurring clog in the same drain. This typically indicates that the cause of the clogging has not been resolved and professional help is required.

Home drains handle the disbursement of hundreds of gallons of water per day, so it’s important to keep your drains healthy. If you are seeing the signs that drain repair is necessary for your Summerlin home, call the experts you can count on: Butter Plumbing.

The 2 Major Reasons for Drain Repair

Friday, August 15th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

The drains in your home are easy to take for granted. On a daily basis, they move large amounts of wastewater from bathroom and kitchen sinks down into the sewer line that leads to the municipal sewer system. The majority of time, the drains will not provide you with any problems. But eventually, even with the best maintenance and care, the drains will start to suffer from wear and age, leading to the need for professional repair work.

There are two basic reasons that you may require drain repair in Paradise, NV. You should always delegate the repairs to professionals, since amateur work on drains can lead to leaking and the need for even more expensive repairs. Don’t try to handle the work yourself or hand it off to someone who doesn’t have proper licensing. Instead, contact the experienced plumbing staff at Butter Plumbing. We have more than 15 years of service in the Las Vegas Valley delivery quality plumbing repairs that keep our customers coming back to us.

The 2 causes of drain repairs

  1. Leaks: Leaking is a common problem with older drainpipes that are made from galvanized steel. However, leaks can occur with newer material such as plastic pipes and copper if the plumbing has experienced an increase in water pressure. You may not immediately notice leaking if it is occurring in a part of the drainpipe hidden in the walls or floors. Watch for signs of water damage (discoloration on building material, warped boards) and increases in humidity that will warn you that you may have leaking drains.
  2. Clogs: No problem for plumbing is more ubiquitous than a clogged drainpipe. Even the best maintained plumbing system can suffer from a clog. You can help lessen the chance of clogging by keeping covers over the drains and avoiding pouring substances like liquid grease, fat, and oil down them. Should you encounter clogging that you cannot eliminate using a standard sink plunger, contact a plumber to handle the problem with a motorized drain snake or hydro-jetting. (Do not use chemical drain cleaners to solve the problem, since they can damage the interior of a drainpipe and lead the problem #1 above.)

Although professional drain maintenance can never guarantee that you won’t run into drain repair issues, it will reduce the chance of repair needs occurring and help keep your plumbing system in the best condition possible. Contact Butter Plumbing to sign up for regular drain maintenance that will inspect your home’s plumbing to see if there are any issues developing that may need repairs. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency drain repair in Paradise, NV.