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Stages Involved in Leaky Pipe Repair

Friday, May 30th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

Leaking in pipes is one of the most common plumbing repairs that professionals handle, on the same level as unclogging drains. Fixing leaks is a deceptively difficult job, one that homeowners often assume they can handle on their own with a wrench and some foil tape. However, not only is it risky to attempt amateur repairs because it could make the leak worse, but even finding the leak in the first place can require special training and equipment.

We’ll show you what goes into leaking pipe repair with professional plumbers on the job. Call Butter Plumbing for a Henderson, NV plumber who will quickly and effectively find and fix the leaks in your pipes.

Stages of professional leak repair

  • Leak detection: This is the most difficult part of the process if the leak is one of the many that occurs out of sight and which you only guess at because of discolored walls, high humidity, signs of water damage, or elevated water bills. Plumbers use high-tech leak detection equipment, such as listening devices and pressure sensors, to zero in on the location of the leaking pipe behind walls or stone slabs. In some cases, they will use video pipe inspection equipment. Using these tools, they narrow the search down the point where they will need to disturb as little building material as possible to reach the pipe.
  • Accessing the pipe: Sometimes reaching the pipe is easy and only involves removing a few boards. Others will require digging through drywall in the walls or ceiling. But plumbers will always limit the amount of damage done to the smallest area so they can get the repair done fast and leave as little trace of the job behind.
  • Fixing the leak itself: Once the plumbers reach the leaking pipe, they have several options depending on the severity of the problem. Leak sealing using epoxy works for smaller problems, but in other cases the whole pipe will need to be removed and replaced.

After the leak itself has been remedied, the plumber will do whatever restoration work is necessary to make your house look the way it did before: filling in drywall, replacing floorboards, etc. Thanks to precision leak detection equipment, plumbers will rarely have large areas they need to restore after the job is done.

We use the best equipment to handle the job; the Henderson, NV plumber who comes to your house will make sure that the work is done fast and right so you won’t be left with the potential for water damage and water waste.

At Butter Plumbing, we have over 15 years bringing excellent pipe repair and leak detection service to the Las Vegas Valley. Call us today to set up an appointment.