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Do You Need a Replacement Pool Heater?

Monday, February 20th, 2017 by Butter Plumbing


Swimming pools go along with Las Vegas just like our world-class casinos and hotels do. Pool heaters allows you to make use of your pool even during the comparatively chilly desert winters and ensure that your pool remains warm and comfortable no matter what the weather is like. But pool heaters can wear out just like anything else, and if you suspect yours has run its race, now is an excellent time to schedule the installation of a new one. (more…)

Keep Your Pool Maintained This Winter

Monday, December 12th, 2016 by Butter Plumbing

We have a lot of pools in Paradise, NV, and we don’t usually use them in the winter when the weather is too cold to make it enjoyable.  But you need to take care of your pool during the winter just as you would during the summer, to ensure that none of the components required to maintain it break down. That starts with a good maintenance session, which can check your pool heating systems for damage, test the water levels so that the chemicals maintaining it are in the proper proportions, and so on. Beyond that, there are specific steps you can take to keep your pool in good shape. We’ve provided a brief list of them below: (more…)

Time to Get Your Pool Heater Checked

Monday, September 12th, 2016 by Butter Plumbing

Warm temperatures are the norm in Paradise, NV, but as fall gets closer, nights are going to get cooler and cooler. That’s why your pool heater needs to function at peak capacity. You’ll have increasing need of it for the rest of the year, and the last thing you want is to wake up for an early morning swim, only to find that your pool water is freezing cold. If you haven’t scheduled a pool heater maintenance session this year, now is an excellent time to do so. It will  save you a great deal of heartache further down the road. (more…)

Get Your Pool Heater Serviced Now!

Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Butter Plumbing

Here in Green Valley, NV, a residential swimming pool can be a little slice of heaven: providing cool relief in the heat of summer and giving your family a place to make some great memories. But pools need maintaining, as you doubtless know, and that includes making sure your pool heater gets the care and attention it deserves as well as other aspects of the pool. Pool heaters expand the utility of your pool, ensuring not only that it is exactly the temperature you desire, but allowing you to continue to use the pool when winter nights get cold or the weather is otherwise uncooperative. Now makes the ideal time to service your heater, when the winter is over, but summer has not yet begun.

What Does Servicing Entail?

A heater servicing isn’t the same as a formal repair job. Repairs are intended to address a specific problem with your heater, which maintenance sessions are designed to look for any kinds of problems that might not have manifested, but could be looming in the future. It’s also intended to clean the filter, check the connections, ensure that any worn parts are replaced and doing other little things to stay ahead of the wear and tear.

What are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of a servicing session is that it allows your heater to function more efficiently, and while pool heaters don’t cost a huge amount of money to run, maintenance on it can shave a few dollars off of those monthly bills. More importantly, it helps reduce the risk of a more serious breakdown, and in the even a significant issue is forming, it lets the tehcnician get a jump on it early. That way, you can schedule a repair session at your leisure, instead of running around after a breakdown, and the repairs are likely to cost less than they might if you just let the problem go without treating it.

Butter Plumbing can handle pool heater repairs and maintenance for you.

Common Late Season Problems with Your Pool Heater

Thursday, March 10th, 2016 by Butter Plumbing

We live in the desert, and residents of Los Prados, NV often make use of a pool to keep cool during the hot months of summer. A good pool heater lets them use it during the winter months as well, even when our desert air takes a turn for the chilly. Now is the time when your pool heater may encounter a problem, having worked hard all winter to keep your water warm and now showing signs of strain. Here’s a list of common late season problems with your pool heater to look for. If you spot them, call a professional service to get them repaired right away. Now is the time to do so, since you have all summer to conduct repairs at your leisure. (more…)

Causes of Problems with Your Pool Heater

Monday, November 9th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

Las Vegas, NV benefits from extremely mild winters, which means that homeowners with pools can enjoy their use all year. But in the chillier season, which we’re just now entering, a pool heater is necessary to keep your water warm and comfortable. When problems arise with your pool heater, you need to get them addressed quickly with a qualified professional technician. The causes of problems with your pool heater can vary, but if you spot any of them, call in support before you attempt to use it. Here’s a brief list of potential trouble spots, which you should learn to look out for. (more…)

Common Problems with Pool Heaters

Friday, August 14th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

We’re sun worshipers here in Las Vegas, NV and nothing helps you enjoy our balmy days like your own pool. Every pool needs a heater to function, helping to maintain the temperature even on cool winter nights and ensure that your pool is comfortable and inviting no matter when you choose to take a dip. Pool heaters may look simple, but they can be deceptively complex devices, and when they run into trouble, you need a trained technician to fix the problems. Here’s a list of common problems with pool heaters to look out for. When you spot them, shut the heater down and call a repair service immediately. (more…)

How Does a Pool Heater Benefit Me?

Monday, June 15th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

We live in Las Vegas, NV, which, as most residents can tell you, does not suffer for a lack of hot weather. Considering our high temperatures, pool owners can be forgiven for wondering why they might need a pool heater. When it’s 110 in the shade, it seems like a waste of time. But that’s only part of the story and when you have a pool, you want it to be functional all the time, not just when it’s hot. Understanding that is key to understanding how a pool heater can benefit you in an environment like ours. (more…)

The 3 Key Factors Needed to Calculate for Correct Pool Heater Sizing

Monday, April 13th, 2015 by Butter Plumbing

We enjoy a pretty warm climate all year in our area, but we do get some chilly temperatures in the winter months. If you have a pool, a great way to ensure that it’s comfortable for year-round use is to install a pool heater. However, there are three important factors that will help ensure you correctly size your pool heater, and if these items aren’t part of your calculation, you end up with a pool heater that doesn’t adequately warm the water in your pool. Our experts can help you with this calculation and all other services you may need for your pool heater in Las Vegas, NV, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Call us today and see what we can do to keep your pool water comfortable all year!

Factor 1: Efficiency

Current mandates require that all pool heaters operate at a minimum of 78% efficiency, and many go higher than this minimum. What this percentage shows you is how much energy a particular pool heater transfers to your pool’s water for each unit of energy is uses (which is in BTUs) to generate that heat. It is important to pay attention to the efficiency percentage so that you can have a good idea how much energy your pool heater will use and cost you per year to operate.

Factor 2: Surface Area

Pool heaters don’t heat all of your pool’s water; what they actually do is add more heat to the pool’s water than is being lost to the air. So in essence, the pool heater works to compensate for this heat loss, and the heat loss comes from the surface area. There are specific formulas to calculate for each shape of pool, including:

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Kidney-shaped
  • Rectangular with rounded ends
  • Oval

Factor 3: Temperature Rise

Temperature rise is the difference in temperature your pool heater has to make up between the temperature of the outside air and the temperature you want your pool water to be. For instance, if it is 65 degrees out and you want your pool water to be 75 degrees, you have a temperature rise of 10 degrees.

Putting It All Together

Once your technician has the surface area and temperature rise numbers calculated, your technician will know what size pool heater you’ll need to properly warm your pool water.

You have a pool to enjoy it – don’t miss out on the fun and relaxation your pool offers because of chilly temps. Call the professionals at Butter Plumbing today and schedule an appointment for pool heater services!

What’s Involved in Pool Heater Maintenance Sessions

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 by Butter Plumbing

Your swimming pool heater helps you maintain pleasant temperatures in the water, no matter what the weather is like outside. Here in Las Vegas, plumber services can often handle problems with pool heaters, as well as providing routine maintenance sessions to keep them up and running. Such sessions are actually very important, because they prevent any nasty surprises from rearing their ugly heads. No one wants to wake up for their morning swim only have to deal with a faulty heater that’s left the water as cold as the North Atlantic. You should schedule regular maintenance sessions to ensure that your pool is always just how you like it. But what’s involved in pool heater maintenance sessions? A brief outline can be found below.

The first function of a maintenance session is to clean off any dirt or grime that has built up on the internal component: a significant concern here in the desert. The technician will clean any dirty components, make sure vents and lines are clear of debris, and change any filters that have become dirty.

From there, the technician will inspect and run the timer to make sure it’s function as it should, as well as examining any electrical components to make sure all of the connections are tight and function. A voltmeter will be used to check the transformer, as well as any circuitry directly connected to the heating mechanism itself.

Finally, the technician will run the heater for a specific length of time to make sure it’s running as it should. He’ll usually set it using the timer to ensure that there are no problems on that front. While the heater runs, the technician will inspect various system valves and similar components for any damage or problems.

In the event a large problem makes itself clear, you can then schedule a repair session at your convenience, without having to worry about getting it done immediately. He experts at Butter Plumbing can explain to you what’s involved in pool heater maintenance, then perform the operation with professionalism and care. Plumbing service from us are just a phone call away. Contact our Las Vegas, NV plumbers today to set up an appointment.