Check Your Water Heater for Problems

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Winters are harsher in Las Vegas, NV than most people realize. Though much warmer in comparison to winter back east, we still get our share of freezing temperatures, and with our dry climate, we experience lots of wear and tear over all parts of our home. This can apply to plumbing systems too, especially appliances like the water heater.

Water heaters do their job quietly and without fuss, which means it can be very easy to overlook any problems that might be creeping up on them. The sooner you spot these problems, the better the chances you have of getting them repaired, and saving yourself money and heartache in the process.

Tough to Spot

Water heaters rarely make noise, and they’re usually located in out-of-the-way spots in your home like the basement. That means that problems can develop for months without your noticing. By the time you spot the symptoms, the repairs could be extensive, and in some cases may involve replacing the entire unit.

That’s one of the reasons why we recommend maintenance sessions for your water heater conducted every spring. It gives the technician a chance to flush out the tank, tighten loose hoses, ensure that the burners are working and replace the anode rode (which keeps the inside walls from rusting). It also gives him or her the chance to check for anything more substantive, and if evidence is found, then schedule a repair session as quickly as possible. Early detection invariably costs much less than repairs after the fact, and a maintenance session can give you the best possible leg up on a potentially disastrous situation.

What to Look for

In addition to that vital step, it pays to watch out yourself for signs that your water heater may be in trouble. Such signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strange noises, especially gurgling noises coming from the tank. That’s usually caused by sediment building up in the bottom of the tank, which separates the water from the heat source and raises both monthly bills and the damage to the water tank.
  • Rusty water coming out of your pipes, especially when you turn the hot water on. This usually stems from rust on the sides of the tank, which arises when the anode rod isn’t replaced.
  • Hot water that runs out more quickly than it should, or water that struggles to get hot. This could be a problem with the burners, or an issue with sediment, as above.
  • How water that isn’t as hot as it seems to be. This can also be a problem with the burners, or possible with a blockage in the system that prevents the hot water from reaching its destination.
  • Puddles forming around the base of the water heater. This could be caused by a breach in the tank, which seals when the water temperature lowers.

Regardless of the problem, if it is out of the ordinary for your system, then call the professionals at Butter Plumbing for reliable water heater services throughout the Las Vegas, NV area!

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