Water Softeners Help You Beat Hard Water Problems

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water-softening-systemWe live in the desert, and that means that hard water is a constant problem for homeowners in the area. There’s nothing harmful about hard water, specifically, but it can leech away at your quality of life in subtle ways. In the worst cases, it can also damage your pipes badly enough to merit a repair call.

You can’t get away from hard water, but you can treat it in your home with a water softener. With a professional on your side, you can get a water softener installed easily and inexpensively, and the same professional can be on hand in the event the unit runs into trouble. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

What Is Hard Water?

Ground water can absorb a certain mineral content here in the desert: usually calcium or magnesium. Those aren’t harmful in and of themselves, but you can usually detect a metallic tastes when you drink a glass of water from the faucet, or use the water when cooking. There are worse effects too. When used in your washing machine, they can make clothes fade more quickly, as well as warping the threads and causing them to wear out before their time.

The same thing happens with showers you take with hard water. They can be more punishing than soft water, leaving your skin red and raw when you’re done. But more than that, hard water can often leave a crusty white build-up, both inside the pipes and on the fixtures like the shower heads. You can wipe the build-up off of the tiles and fixtures with a cleanser, but you’ll need to keep up with it regularly, and there’s little to be done about the deposits inside the pipes without the attention of a professional plumber.

Water Softeners to the Rescue

You may have used a water softener in your laundry to keep your clothes protected. Whole-house water softeners apply the principles to your entire water system. It removes those hard water deposits, leaving your water cleaner, softer and easier to drink. Not only that, but your clothing budget will stretch farther since your clothes won’t be subjected to so much stress, and your showers will be less punishing and more refreshing. That may not sound like much, but the benefits to your home can be very lasting.

That, of course, overlooks the biggest benefit of the water softener: eliminating hard water build-ups in your pipes and cutting down on that gross crusty build-up one your fixtures. That can save you a great deal of money (not to mention an unpleasant chore) on chemical cleansers, and in many cases can even help the pipes in your plumbing last longer before suffering from the effects of corrosion. Now is an excellent time to install such a system, and the right plumbing service can be on-hand to service the new water softener and keep it repaired in the event the unexpected occurs.

If you need a new water softener in your Summerlin, NV home, or you already have one and it needs professional attention, call the pros at Butter Plumbing today!

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