Water Softeners Improve Quality of Life

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Plumbing_1165884_49865573-meOur local plumbing systems are very effective and most of us enjoy the benefits of good plumbing with only the occasional repair or replacement session interfering. But here in the Nevada desert, the issue of hard water can slowly but inexorably eat into that dependability. There’s nothing actively harmful about hard water: it’s simply water with an unusually high mineral content, usually calcium or magnesium which our systems can ingest safely. But it wears into your quality of life, as well as affecting other key parts of your household. A water softener can easily correct those problems.

Damage Cause by Hard Water

The most obvious problem caused by hard water is a build-up on mineral deposits in your pipe and fixtures like your faucets and shower heads. You’ve likely dealt with it before: that gross, white crust that appears on your outlets. There are numerous cleaning products that deal with it, but they can’t address any build-up that takes place in the pipes themselves. Over time, that can increase the stress and strain in your plumbing system, and possibly lead to leaks and similar problems as well.

Beyond that, hard water can affect you in ways you may not even be aware of:

  • Hard water can reduce the comfort levels of showers and baths: leading to a red, raw feeling in your skin when you finish.
  • Hard water tastes odd, not only with drinking water, but in food cooked with it as well. You can probably identify it with a faint metallic taste to hard water, as well as a cloudy look in any ice you make from hard water from the tap.
  • Hard water can be punishing to your laundry: leading to bright colors fading faster than they should and causing your clothes to wear out sooner the more you wash with hard water.

Water Softeners to the Rescue

Water softeners fix that issue simply by removing hard water from your household plumbing supply. This can be easily accomplished by placing the water softener at the apex to your plumbing, where the water line enters. It will filter out all of the minerals entering your home, leaving cleaner, fresher water in its place. This conveys a number of tangible benefits:

  • Water from the faucet will taste cleaner and fresher, affecting meals cooked with it as well as drinking water from the tap.
  • Showers and baths will feel cleaner and softer, helping you enjoy them more readily.
  • That white build-up will be severely reduced, lowering the amount of scrubbing you need to do as well as helping your plumbing system last longer and run less risk of a serious problem.
  • Laundry loads will be gentler on your clothes, helping to keep those colors bright and letting your clothes last longer than they might being washed over and over again. That can help stretch your household budget considerably and help you get the most out of favorite clothes.

If a water softener matches the needs of your Summerlin, NV home, call the pros at Butter Plumbing today!

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